COPPUS RLA23E steam turbine unused

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COPPUS RLA23E unused


For sale unused COPPUS Steam Turbine RLA23E 800HP with Lufking Gearbox


For Sale One (1) unused 2007 COPPUS RLA23E Steam Turbine 800HP

Non-Condensing Turbine with Lufkin Gear Reducer.  All mounted on common structural steel base with Marland Clutch and Oil Cooler.


Turbine Specifications                                                                 Gear Specifications


Serial No.                              06T7856                                            Manufacturer                        Lufkin

H.P.                                        800HP                                                Serial No.                  119735

Inlet Pressure                       493/544 psig                                     H.P.                            800

Inlet Temperature                 504°F                                                 Service Factor          1.87

Trip Speed                             4,127 RPM                                        Pinion RPM              3558

Maximum RPM                     3,558 RPM                                        Form                           AGMA#3

Form                                       RLA23E                                             Ratio                           2.022:1

RPM                                       3558/1760                                         Gear RPM                 1760

Exhaust Pressure                55 psig                                              

Exhaust Temperature         400°F

Steam Rate                           26.2 #/HR                                          Governor Specifications

Inlet                                        4” @ 600# Flange

Exhaust                                 8” @ 150# Flange                            Manufacturer                        Woodward

                                                                                                            Serial No.                  15363644

                                                                                                            Type                           Electric/Hydraulic

                                                                                                            Built                            July 2007