MARS 100 removed parts available

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MARS 100 spare parts removed


SOLAR TURBINES MARS 100 parts as removed Operating hours est 8600 since last OH


 For sale lot of SOLAR TURBINES MARS 100 parts 

Condition: "AS REMOVED" Operating hours 8600 since last Overhaul

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1 ea.   947561C1        Disc 1st Stage (no time code 1st Run)  

1 ea.   124246-101      Rotor Assy with Sealing Ring 1st Stage 

82 ea.  120002-100      Blade 1st Stage (Set Price)                   

24 ea.  118563-100      Nozzle Segment 1st Stage (Set Price)   

1 ea.   951083C1        Disc 2nd Stage (no time code 1st Run)  

82 ea.  947812C2        Blade 2nd Stage (Set Price                     

34 ea.  118644-2        Nozzle 2nd Stage (Set Price)                  

17 ea.  122231-101      Nozzle 3rd Stage (Sold as Assembly)    

1 ea.   124508-…        Liner Assembly, Combustor                      

1 ea.   124244-100      Nozzle Support Case                            

All parts are sold "AS REMOVED"