GE LM6000 PC 40MW 50Hz Gas - overhauled condition

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GE LM6000 PC 40MW 50Hz Gas


GE LM6000 PC 40MW 50Hz Gas package complete, 1998, overhauled 0-hour


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FOR SALE 50Hz GE-LM6000PC - Overhauled: 0-hour engine

Industrial Gas Turbines

50 Hz LM6000™ PC Package – Key Data

 Technical characteristics – Gas Turbine

Brand:                           GE

Type:                            LM6000™ PC

Fuel:                             Natural gas

Power:                          40 MW @ISO


Electrical Generator

Brand:                           ALSTOM

Type:                            T190-240 3 phase

Power:                          47,294 MVA

Voltage:                        11.500 V

Power factor:                 0.85

Excitation:                    279 V - 549 A



- Engine overhauled to 0hrs condition

- NOx abatement (water injection) down to 44ppm

- New customer dedicated Filter House with

-- Evaporative Cooling System (42 MW @ ISO) and/or 

-- Anti-Icing System (enclosure vent air)

 New state of the art Micronet+ Control System (optional)

 New Bently Nevada 3500 Vibration Monitoring


LM6000™ PC – Power Output

The package accommodates an aeroderivative industrial gas turbine of the type GE LM6000™PC controlled by a Micronet Netcon PLC. The gas turbine is connected to an ALSTOM alternator via a Graffenstaden gearbox. The set delivers an electrical  power of 40MW (ISO) at a voltage of 63kV.

LM6000™ PC – Gas Turbine

Engine type: GE LM6000™PC

SN: 191-102

Building Year: 1998

Combustor: SAC

Fuel: Natural Gas

Overhauled to 0hrs condition


LM6000™ PC -Gearbox and Alternator

Gearbox type: GRAFFENSTADEN TX61/1CV Vertical

Rating: 52200 kW

Reduction: from 3600 rpm turbine shaft speed to 3000 rpm Alternator speed

Alternator type: ALSTOM TI190-240

2 pole, air cooled

Power maximum: 47294 kVA

Power normal operation: 40.200kW

Voltage: 11500 V

Current: 2374 A

PF: 0.85

Excitation by rotating diodes type TKJ70-10


LM6000™ PC  Air Intake / Anti Icing & Evap Cooling

Anti Icing System type:

Gas Turbine Enclosure Ventilation Air used as Anti Icing Media

Evap Cooling System type: MUNTERS

Performance Enhancement by evaporative cooling of combustion air

Power Output Increased by 2 MW at ISO

Water consumption 2m3/h at 40°C ambient


LM6000™ PC– NOx Water Injection

Enclosed Water Injection System for NOx Abatement

 Power output increased by 2-3MW

 NOx abatement down to 42ppm on Fuel Gas @15%O2 with