KONGSBERG KG5 3MW Mobile packages 3 Units

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KONGSBERG KG5 3 MW 3 units


3 Units never used mobile packages Kongsberg KG5 3MW 50Hz or 60Hz 2740kW 6.6Kv DF Mobil Power Plants, Ex-Malaysia storage


3 Units never used mobile packages KONGSBERG KG5 3MW

50Hz or 60Hz 2740kW 6.6Kv DF Mobil Power Plants, Ex-Malaysia storage

1980 and have never been used requirement change.

They are warehouse stored and in brand new condition.

The Turbines are configured on trailers with complete set of control panel and alternator by Kobelco.


The KG5 generating set is an industrial type electric power unit comprising an open-cycle.

two-shaft gas turbine prime mover and a brush less open-ventilated generator rated to suit the gas turbine characteristics at various ambient conditions.

Standard output voltages range from 380 V to 13.8 kV at 50 or 60 hertz.


Output shaft speed:                                        1500 or 1800rev. min 150.60 Hz) as standard

Gearbox:                                                         Epicyclical

Compressor pressure ratio:                           6.3:1

Speed control characteristics:

Steady state speed control:                            Max | 0.25%


 (Sea level, 100 mm wg intake loss, 100 mm wg exhaust loss and 96% generator efficiency:

Ambient temp.                                                 Max                                       Base Load

15UC (59°F)                                                    3385 kVA                               3425 kVA

35°C I95°F)                                                     3340 kVA                               2905 kVA

Max      Continuous power rating for operation up to 1500 hours per year

Output stated based on power factor:            0.8

Fuel consumption:                                          1150 kg h (2535 Ib/h) (at 3000 kW. 16°C wi/ diesel fuel)


A regenerator can be installed when improved fuel economy is required or continuous duty applications. Full load thermal efficiency can thus be increased to over 30% (corr to approx. 850 kg h diesel fuel at 3000 kW output).

Lube oil consumption:                                     Approx. 0.07 kg/h (0.15 Ib/h)


Starting is achieved by a starter motor connected to the gas generator rotor via a sprag-clutch in the auxiliary gearbox. Starting time to nominal speed with full load applied is 45 to 60 seconds depending on systems selected.


Component                                                     Material

Turbine Wheel:                                               Waspaloy

Compressor wheel:                                        Titanium alloy.

Combustor:                                                     Hastalloy X

Turbine Housing:                                             PE 10

Reduction Gear Casing:                                 Silumin

Lube oil Tank Foundation:                               Mild Steel

Pressure Casing:                                            Coated Mild Steel

Power Turbine:                                               Waspaloy


The complete generating set is designed for operation in all types of industrial environment and is also approved by the major marine classification societies for use on board ships. Special attention has been paid to corrosion resistance and sleeve bearings are employed to support ail rotating parts in the turbine engine.


 Complete generating set with accessories necessary to run (approx.:                   

21 003 kg        46 000 lb.

Combustor Head Complete:               123 kg             265 lb.

Auxiliary Gear complete:                     243 kg             530 lb.

Gas Generator Rotor:                         235 kg             5181b

Power Turbine Rotor:                         73 kg               167 1b

Main Reduction Gear:                         805 kg             1775 1b

Complete GT with Reduction Gear:   376D kg           8290 It)

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